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  • Jimmy Nardello's Pepper

    Jimmy Nardello's Pepper

    75 days. It's no wonder that this variety has been grown and cherished for generations. An almost uncanny sweet, fruity ... 

  • Healthy Pepper Organic

    Healthy Pepper Organic

    70-75 days. A gardener couldn't ask for more in a pepper. Healthy produces heavy yields of appealing, sweet, disease-res... 

  • Gatherer's Gold Pepper Organic

    Gatherer's Gold Pepper Organic

    70 days. A gorgeous, golden variation of the quintessential sweet Italian frying pepper. Long, tapered, smooth-skinned f... 

  • Yum Yum Gold Pepper

    Yum Yum Gold Pepper

    55 days. There couldn't be a more appropriate name for these remarkable little sweet peppers. The baby elongated bells a... 

  • Chocolate Ghost Pepper

    Chocolate Ghost Pepper

    C. Chinense Jacq. 100 days. A natural variant of the formidable Ghost chili, carefully selected for the attracti... 

  • Hot Pepper Blend

    Hot Pepper Blend

    Tongue O' Fire! A collection for gardeners who like peppers with a powerful zing. An equal blend of Long Thin Cayenne, E... 

  • Ancho Magnifico Pepper

    Ancho Magnifico Pepper

    75 days. ¡Que rico! Your chili rellenos will be the talk of the neighborhood! The largest ancho in our trials, the... 

  • Cozumel Pepper

    Cozumel Pepper

    NEW! 53 days. This very early Caribe-type pepper produces attractive and tasty, 4 inch long blonde fruit that matures through... 

  • Habanero Pepper Conventional & Organic

    Habanero Pepper Conventional & Organic

    Capsicum chinense 90-100 days. Habanero is about as hot as they come. When added to salsa or dip, this little pepper wil... 

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