All Pepper Plants

All Pepper Plants

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  • Plant-Beaver Dam Pepper

    Plant-Beaver Dam Pepper

    80 days. This Hungarian heirloom, brought to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1912 by the Hussli family, was a standout in our t... 

  • Plant-Planet Pepper

    Plant-Planet Pepper

    65 days. Planet's high yield, early maturity, and sweet, crisp flavor make this a must-have in the pepper patch. Elongat... 

  • Plant-Ascent Pepper

    Plant-Ascent Pepper

    85 days. Staggeringly prolific, Thai-style, mini peppers pack a pungent punch of heat! Strong, attractive, well-branched... 

  • Plant-Fireball Pepper

    Plant-Fireball Pepper

    75 days. It may be innocent looking, but this cherry pepper will light up your taste buds! At first bite, Fireball tease... 

  • Plant-Alma Paprika Pepper

    Plant-Alma Paprika Pepper

    80 days. Grow your own paprika seasoning! Alma is one of the best paprika-type peppers for drying and grinding, but can ... 

  • Plant-Feher Ozon Paprika Pepper

    Plant-Feher Ozon Paprika Pepper

    70 days. Tasty and substantial paprika-type peppers break through the tops of compact plants, practically calling out to... 

  • Plant-Cayenetta Pepper

    Plant-Cayenetta Pepper

    69 days. This All America Selections winner boasts high performing, prolific plants with attractive, delicious fruit. Th... 

  • Plant-Purple Star Pepper

    Plant-Purple Star Pepper

    65 days. One of the most striking peppers in our trials, these gleaming bell peppers emerge with their vibrant trademark... 

  • Plant-Sweet Sunshine Pepper

    Plant-Sweet Sunshine Pepper

    70 days. Until now, most ornamental peppers were best admired from a distance, since the fruit is usually fiery hot. Tha... 

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