All Pepper Plants

All Pepper Plants

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  • Plant-Early Jalapeño Pepper

    Plant-Early Jalapeño Pepper

    66 days. Most familiar in their green stage, Jalapeños are hottest and fully ripe when they turn red. The stocky ... 

  • Plant-Pizza Pepper

    Plant-Pizza Pepper

    80 days. If you like the flavor of hot peppers but not so much fire, Pizza Pepper will be a hit. It is the heaviest, mos... 

  • Plant-Anaheim College Pepper

    Plant-Anaheim College Pepper

    74 days. If you like a mild to medium sizzle for your palate, try these peppers. Same as the green Anaheim chilies you f... 

  • Plant-Sureño Pepper

    Plant-Sureño Pepper

    75 days. We've been searching for an outstanding serrano-type pepper, and found it in Sureño. If jalapeños... 

  • Plant-Felicity Pepper

    Plant-Felicity Pepper

    80 days. A joyful development in a long-time favorite, Felicity is a heatless jalapeño. With all of the flavor an... 

  • Plant-Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) Pepper

    Plant-Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) Pepper

    100 days. If you're afraid of hot peppers, then you'll definitely be scared of Ghost. Earning the world's hottest pepper... 

  • Plant-Purple Jalapeño Pepper

    Plant-Purple Jalapeño Pepper

    85 days. A colorful twist on the standard jalapeño, this dark purple, nearly black pepper has been a favorite in ... 

  • Plant-Miniature Red Pepper

    Plant-Miniature Red Pepper

    55 days. This impressive miniature bell really pumps out the peppers! The deep red 3-lobed fruit are 2 1/2 inches wide b... 

  • Plant-Miniature Yellow Pepper

    Plant-Miniature Yellow Pepper

    55 days. This impressive miniature bell really pumps out the peppers! The 3-lobed fruit are 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 i... 

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