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All Pepper Plants

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  • Plant-Wonder Bell Pepper

    Plant-Wonder Bell Pepper

    70 days. There seemed to be no end to the pepper production of Wonder Bell. Semi-upright plants loaded up with staggerin... 

  • Plant-Purple Flash Pepper

    Plant-Purple Flash Pepper

    NEW! 69 days. These showy plants develop an intriguing, layered architecture of small, deep purple leaves with violet, cream ... 

  • Plant-Purple Beauty Pepper

    Plant-Purple Beauty Pepper

    NEW! 70-75 days. Purple Beauty is the best purple bell we've grown. The short, bushy, 17 inch tall plants generally provide g... 

  • Plant-Arapaho Pepper

    Plant-Arapaho Pepper

    NEW! 65 days. No more waiting for the sweet-spicy flavor of a high-quality cayenne! Arapaho ripens well before other cayennes... 

  • Plant-Waltz Pepper

    Plant-Waltz Pepper

    NEW! 80 days. An honest-to-goodness drying paprika! In years of trialing paprika types, Waltz is the only reliable producer/f... 

  • Plant-California Wonder 300 Pepper

    Plant-California Wonder 300 Pepper

    65 days. Each plant produces wonderfully sweet bell peppers that are typically 4 lobed, thick-walled, and blocky. The le... 

  • Plant-Staddon's Select Pepper

    Plant-Staddon's Select Pepper

    70 days. Do you find it difficult to get bell peppers to ripen in your microclimate or do you want to be the first on th... 

  • Plant-Italian Sweet Pepper

    Plant-Italian Sweet Pepper

    70 days. Produces a heavy set of 8 inch long, conical, thick walled, very sweet peppers that turn red very quickly. When... 

  • Plant-Lady Bell Pepper

    Plant-Lady Bell Pepper

    71 days. Reliably bountiful, this robust bell has a delicious, sweet flavor and crisp, crunchy texture. The 3-4 lobed fr... 

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