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  • Pea-Ples Choice Mix

    Pea-Ples Choice Mix

    You've asked for it, and here it is. By overwhelming demand, we've assembled a combo of some of our favorites from the 3... 

  • Alderman Peas

    Alderman Peas

    (Tall Telephone) 85 days. Climbs a 6-8 foot trellis. The huge pods, each filled with 6-8 peas, are easy to harvest and s... 

  • Serge Peas

    Serge Peas

    68 days. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line shelling pea for fresh eating and processing, Serge is the one! With u... 

  • Avalanche Pea

    Avalanche Pea

    61 days. Mountains of crisp, tender, sweet snow peas adorn these healthy, prolific plants. Compact, 30 inch plants are s... 

  • Maestro Peas

    Maestro Peas

    60 days. Maestro allows multiple pickings, and it is easy to see which pods are ready since they tend to stick out on th... 

  • Half Pint Peas

    Half Pint Peas

    50 days. Also known as Tom Thumb, this rare heirloom shelling pea is the cutest dwarf pea around! Growing a mere 6-8 inc... 

  • Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    55 days. An early and easy-to-grow snap pea. The non-climbing, dwarf vines set an abundant harvest of 2 1/2 inch long, m... 

  • Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas Conventional & Organic

    Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas Conventional & Organic

    70 days. Easy to grow, non-climbing dwarf vines grow to approximately 30 inches tall and hold their pods up for easy pic... 

  • Sugar Magnolia Peas

    Sugar Magnolia Peas

    70 days. This violet-podded snap pea is more than just a looker. At 3-4 inches the pods are deliciously sweet, flavorful... 

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