All Organic Varieties

All Organic Varieties

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  • Oregano Conventional & Organic

    Oregano Conventional & Organic

    Origanum vulgare Oregano's power to heal and preserve was well known in the ancient world. Today it is used to spice up ... 

  • Oregano-Zaatar Organic

    Oregano-Zaatar Organic

    O. syriaca/labiatae This ancient herb is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine and foundation and namesake for ... 

  • Sage Conventional & Organic

    Sage Conventional & Organic

    Salvia officinalis ''How can a man grow old who has sage in his garden?'' is an ancient Chinese proverb. Sage with its l... 

  • Stevia Conventional & Organic

    Stevia Conventional & Organic

    Stevia rebaudiana Also called Sweet Herb of Paraguay, Stevia is probably the sweetest plant in the world. It contains st... 

  • Mexican Tarragon Organic

    Mexican Tarragon Organic

    Tagetes lucida A great substitute for French Tarragon. This plant has a pleasant licorice scent and flavor. An excellen... 

  • Blaril Kohlrabi Organic

    Blaril Kohlrabi Organic

    65 days. This colorful, eye-catching selection was bred for harvesting late summer to autumn. The bulbs have the most go... 

  • Korist Kohlrabi Organic

    Korist Kohlrabi Organic

    55-60 days. This early and uniform kohlrabi produces slightly squat, 4 inch globes with attractive, frosty-green skin. T... 

  • Wild Garden Kale Organic

    Wild Garden Kale Organic

    30 days. A fabulous array of Siberian kales, it delivers a multitude of unique leaf shapes from delicate waves to tight ... 

  • White Russian Kale Organic

    White Russian Kale Organic

    B. oleracea var. fimbriata 50 days. A sister variety of Red Russian, it has the same moderately dissected and frilled l... 

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