All Organic Varieties

All Organic Varieties

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  • Early Red Italian Garlic Organic

    Early Red Italian Garlic Organic

    Early-season. This mild, artichoke variety originated in southern Italy and produces large heads of creamy, sumptuous g... 

  • Inchelium Red Garlic Organic

    Inchelium Red Garlic Organic

    NEW! Mid-season. Inchelium Red is a national taste-test winner in the softneck division. This mild flavored garlic is great b... 

  • Polish Softneck Garlic Organic

    Polish Softneck Garlic Organic

    Mid-season. Introduced into North America around 1900, Polish Softneck is larger than most softnecks and has proven to b... 

  • Elephant Garlic Organic

    Elephant Garlic Organic

    Late season. These huge cloves produce softball-sized heads. The flavor is mild and suitable for many recipes. The truly... 

  • French Shallots Organic

    French Shallots Organic

    Once considered sacred by Persians and Egyptians, today French Shallots are popular with gourmets for the smooth, rich o... 

  • Egyptian Walking Onion Organic

    Egyptian Walking Onion Organic

    250 days. These true Egyptian topsetting onions are a smaller relative of the Catawissa onion. The topsets are a distinc... 

  • Yukon Gold Potatoes Organic

    Yukon Gold Potatoes Organic

    Early-season 70-90 days. Yukon Gold is widely acclaimed as the star of European-type golden-fleshed potatoes. Sporting a... 

  • German Butterball Potatoes Organic

    German Butterball Potatoes Organic

    Late-season 110-135 days. A buttery-fleshed wunderspud. German Butterball offers everything one could possibly want in a... 

  • Kennebec Potatoes Organic

    Kennebec Potatoes Organic

    Late-season 110-135 days. The uniform, oval tubers have ivory flesh and light tan skin that's thin and easy to peel, yet... 

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