All Organic Varieties

All Organic Varieties

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  • Blacktail Mountain Watermelon Organic

    Blacktail Mountain Watermelon Organic

    70-75 days. Developed in Northern Idaho where summer nights dip into the 40s, we can attest to how well Blacktail Mounta... 

  • Moon And Stars Watermelon Conventional & Organic

    Moon And Stars Watermelon Conventional & Organic

    100 days. One of Territorial's very favorite watermelons and always a stellar performer at our trial grounds. Moon & Sta... 

  • Soybeans Cover Crop Organic

    Soybeans Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Glycine max This edible legume is a great nitrogen fixer during the hot summer growing season, making up to 130 pounds o... 

  • Crimson Clover Cover Crop Organic

    Crimson Clover Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Trifolium incarnatum A reliably winter-hardy annual variety that does not multiply with runners (like perennial Red Clov... 

  • Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop Organic

    Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Trifolium pratense var. sativum An excellent fast-growing cover crop that can be planted almost any time of the year. A... 

  • Buckwheat Cover Crop Organic

    Buckwheat Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Fagopyrum esculentum Grows quickly to 24 inches in ordinary garden soil and has minimal nutritional needs. Should be ti... 

  • French Rose Garlic Organic

    French Rose Garlic Organic

    NEW! Early-season. This artichoke-type garlic is an easy one to grow, as it seems less fussy about growing conditions than so... 

  • Turkish Giant Organic

    Turkish Giant Organic

    Mid-season. This gorgeous, purple stripe variety offers bold, full-bodied flavor that goes hand in hand with its size. T... 

  • Vietnamese Red Garlic Organic

    Vietnamese Red Garlic Organic

    Mid-season. This purple stripe variety has a mild spice that dissipates quickly with a pleasant finish. Vietnamese Red h... 

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