All Organic Varieties

All Organic Varieties

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  • Brandywine Tomato Conventional & Organic

    Brandywine Tomato Conventional & Organic

    85 days. This winner of Territorial Seed Company's Great Northwest Tomato Taste-Off has the flavor to which all other to... 

  • Black Tomato Conventional & Organic

    Black Tomato Conventional & Organic

    85 days. A Russian heirloom that is one of the sweetest tomatoes we have evaluated in its size class. The opalescent ros... 

  • Persimmon Tomato Conventional & Organic

    Persimmon Tomato Conventional & Organic

    80 days. This heirloom tomato that dates back to the mid-1800s is right at home in short-season gardens. One of the best... 

  • Peacevine Tomato Organic

    Peacevine Tomato Organic

    75 days. Indeterminate. Developed by Dr. Alan Kapuler. Tremendous producer of 3/4 inch cherry tomatoes borne on trusses.... 

  • Hillbilly Tomato Organic

    Hillbilly Tomato Organic

    85 days. Undeniably delicious, these enormous, 1-2 pound fruit have gorgeous golden-orange, red streaked flesh and skin.... 

  • Mexican Strain Tomatillo Organic

    Mexican Strain Tomatillo Organic

    65 days. A larger tomatillo, averaging 2 inches across, Mexican Strain has a more savory flavor than others we've tried.... 

  • Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Conventional & Organic

    Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Conventional & Organic

    65-70 days. This sweet and fruity ground cherry originated in Poland. When ripe it turns a golden orange color and drops... 

  • Red Currant Tomato Organic

    Red Currant Tomato Organic

    75 days. Big, bold, indeterminate plants produce masses of teeny tiny fruit; but what flavor! The sweet, smoky little gu... 

  • Peron Sprayless Tomato Conventional & Organic

    Peron Sprayless Tomato Conventional & Organic

    68 days. This tomato has quite a history. It was introduced in the early '50s by Gleckler seedsmen as one of their most ... 

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