All Organic Varieties

All Organic Varieties

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  • Carmona Lettuce Organic

    Carmona Lettuce Organic

    54 days. A truly transcendent butterhead. Its shapely plants have dense, pale, yellow-green hearts wrapped loosely in co... 

  • Mafalda Lettuce Organic

    Mafalda Lettuce Organic

    55-60 days. We couldn't resist this buxom butterhead with its big, classic form, light green, smooth, supple leaves, and... 

  • Spretnak Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Spretnak Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    45-55 days. Filling a window between Little Gem and Valmaine in both size and maturity, Spretnak rounds out your romaine... 

  • Tantan Lettuce Organic

    Tantan Lettuce Organic

    50-55 days. With a unique structure and habit reminiscent of a flowering cabbage, this handsome and unusually shaped rom... 

  • Truchas Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Truchas Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    45-55 days. Truchas is the most strikingly red, smaller statured romaine types we've trialed. These breathtaking plants ... 

  • Artemis Melon Organic

    Artemis Melon Organic

    78 days. A French Charentais type, Artemis produces ravishing, rounded globes with silvery white, lightly netted rind th... 

  • Minnesota Midget Melon Conventional & Organic

    Minnesota Midget Melon Conventional & Organic

    65-70 days. This exquisite heirloom produces a bounty of early, and true to its name, mini cantaloupes. Fruit measure 4-... 

  • Magnificenza Melon Organic

    Magnificenza Melon Organic

    78 days. This truly magnificent Italian netted melon is sweet, prolific, and a vigorous grower. The early-maturing fruit... 

  • Roquette Salad Arugula Conventional & Organic

    Roquette Salad Arugula Conventional & Organic

    Eruca vesicaria 30-40 days. Can be sown from early spring through late fall. Frost-hardy and easy to grow. Long, dark gr... 

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