All Onion Seed

All Onion Seed

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  • Cortland Onion Organic

    Cortland Onion Organic

    110 days. Long-day variety. From the breeders of the most prominent and highest-quality storage onions comes this improv... 

  • Apache Onion

    Apache Onion

    NEW! 65 days. A delicious, mild-flavored salad onion with a vibrant purple base that colors up early in the season to add a b... 

  • Parade Onion Organic & Pelleted

    Parade Onion Organic & Pelleted

    NEW! A. fistulosum 65 days. This beautiful, non-bulbing salad onion produces perfectly uniform crops of scallions with... 

  • Expression Onion

    Expression Onion

    NEW! 105 days. We love big onions, and Expression really astonished us. This amazing variety produces enormous globes, 4 inch... 

  • White Sweet Spanish Onion

    White Sweet Spanish Onion

    NEW! 99 days. We've grown some of the largest onions in our trials from this variety. It produces a massive, 5 inch pure whit... 

  • Keepsake Onion

    Keepsake Onion

    280 days. Intermediate-day variety. Combining jumbo-sized bulbs with a very long storage ability certainly makes Keepsak... 

  • Red Bull Onion Conventional & Pelleted

    Red Bull Onion Conventional & Pelleted

    110-125 days. Long-day variety. Breaking the storage records for red onions, Red Bull can keep upwards of 8-10 months. A... 

  • Red Baron Onion Conventional & Organic

    Red Baron Onion Conventional & Organic

    60 days. Long-day variety. An extremely versatile red onion that maintains its vibrant burgundy color at all stages of g... 

  • Pacific Pearl Onion

    Pacific Pearl Onion

    50 days. Intermediate-day variety. This classy pearl onion was developed here in Oregon. More day-neutral than most onio... 

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