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All Onions & Leeks

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  • Onion Plants-Texas Supersweet 1015y

    Onion Plants-Texas Supersweet 1015y

    175 days. Short-day variety. This sweet, mild, globe-shaped grano type onion can weigh up to 1 pound! Better storage qua... 

  • Onion Plants-Yellow Granex

    Onion Plants-Yellow Granex

    150 days. Short-day variety. The premier sweet onion for Southern gardeners. Use fresh in salads or for young green bunc... 

  • Onion Plants-Day Neutral Mixed Bunch

    Onion Plants-Day Neutral Mixed Bunch

    Intermediate-day varieties. A combination of Red Candy Apple, Candy, and Superstar (a large, mild, white onion) in a sin... 

  • Onion Plants-Day Neutral Collection

    Onion Plants-Day Neutral Collection

    Intermediate-day varieties. Specially selected so you can have a terrific crop of onions wherever you live. A world clas... 

  • Onion & Leek Plants-Exotic Mixed Bunch

    Onion & Leek Plants-Exotic Mixed Bunch

    Adding variety to your onion collection has never been easier. In 1 bunch of 50-75 plants, you will receive Borrettana c... 

  • Leek Plants-Lancelot

    Leek Plants-Lancelot

    70 days. If you liked King Richard, you'll love Lancelot. This one is virus tolerant and quite bolt resistant. Follow th... 

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