All Onions & Leeks

All Onions & Leeks

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  • Onion Plants-Candy

    Onion Plants-Candy

    85 days. Intermediate-day variety. Produces jumbo bulbs in less than 3 months! Another day-neutral break-through; can be... 

  • Onion Plants-Northern Mixed Bunch

    Onion Plants-Northern Mixed Bunch

    Long-day varieties. Three varieties in a single bunch of 50-75 plants! A combination of Walla Walla, Redwing (red, globe... 

  • Onion Plants-Northern Collection

    Onion Plants-Northern Collection

    Long-day varieties. Three of the most popular onions well suited for the long summer days of the Northern gardener: Wal... 

  • Onion Plants-Ringmaster

    Onion Plants-Ringmaster

    105 days. Long-day variety. The perfected version of White Sweet Spanish is here. The firm, white bulbs have a mild fles... 

  • Redwing Onion Plants

    Redwing Onion Plants

    110 days. Long-day variety. Redwing is the ultimate red storage onion. The globe-shaped bulbs are 3-4 inches across, mod... 

  • Onion Plants-Southern Belle Red

    Onion Plants-Southern Belle Red

    110 days. Short-day variety. Blushing deep red throughout, this southern belle is truly a beauty and sweet as well! Reli... 

  • Onion Plants-White Bermuda

    Onion Plants-White Bermuda

    95 days. Short-day variety. An enduring heirloom variety that established Texas as an onion-growing powerhouse. Original... 

  • Onion Plants-Southern Onion Collection

    Onion Plants-Southern Onion Collection

    Short-day varieties. Red Creole (dark red, globe shaped), Texas Early White (white, globe-shaped, sweet) and Texas Super... 

  • Onion Plants-Yellow Sweet Spanish

    Onion Plants-Yellow Sweet Spanish

    100 days. Long-day variety. A timeless favorite. Dependably produces the classic, uniform, large, globe shaped bulbs wi... 

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