All Onions & Leeks

All Onions & Leeks

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  • Guardsman Onion

    Guardsman Onion

    Allium fistulosum 50 days. Guardsman is a great scallion that was developed by master onion breeders in England. This va... 

  • Purplette Onion

    Purplette Onion

    60 days. For an exciting new change in your onion bed, grow Purplette. This purple jewel is an eye catcher in so many wa... 

  • Red Marble Onion

    Red Marble Onion

    95-105 days. Quite a versatile onion, Red Marble can be planted close together for a unique, red pearl onion, or spaced ... 

  • Shimonita Onion

    Shimonita Onion

    Allium fistulosum 60 days. Especially popular in Japan, this novel salad onion has a short, stout stature and remarkably... 

  • Talon Onion

    Talon Onion

    110 days. Large, firm bulbs with crisp, white flesh, deep tan skins, and exceptional storage quality. Uniform, 3-4 inch ... 

  • Giant Musselburgh Leek

    Giant Musselburgh Leek

    105 days. One of the best winter-hardy leeks you can grow. This Scottish heirloom has provided families with hearty soup... 

  • Megaton Leek

    Megaton Leek

    NEW! 90 days. For spring planting and early harvest, Megaton is a no-fail choice. Plant when your garden soil reaches at leas... 

  • Onion Plants-Ailsa Craig

    Onion Plants-Ailsa Craig

    105 days. This English heirloom is a blue ribbon winner! This huge 2 pound, 6-8 inch, straw yellow globe onion is amazin... 

  • Onion Plants-Borrettana Cipollini

    Onion Plants-Borrettana Cipollini

    110 days. Once only as available as seed, we are now pleased to offer as plants! This yellow, mini storage onion looks a... 

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