All Melons

All Melons

Successful melon and watermelon production is often a jewel in a gardener's crown. Raising them to maturity in southern areas can be almost as easy as raising radishes. Not so for northern gardeners, as summers can be too cool for many varieties to perform well. Over the years, we have trialed hundreds of varieties and offer you early-maturing melons with the best flavor.

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  • Honeycomb Melon

    Honeycomb Melon

    78 days. This early-maturing honeydew boasts smooth, cream colored skin and icy green, sweet flesh. The big, rounded fru... 

  • Sivan Melon Organic

    Sivan Melon Organic

    NEW! Early, smaller-fruited Charentais type. 85 days. Vigorous vines are productive and disease resistant. Strongly netted... 

  • Orange Silverwave Melon

    Orange Silverwave Melon

    NEW! 75 days. These 5 inch oval, smooth-skinned beauties are greenish-ivory colored with emerald streaks and a salmon-colored... 

  • Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon

    Cal Sweet Bush Watermelon

    NEW! 90 days. A patio-friendly watermelon! Cal Sweet Bush is among the most compact watermelon plants we've grown. Where trad... 

  • Home Run Melon

    Home Run Melon

    82 days. A true crowd-pleaser, Home Run is a winner in the garden with the sweet taste of summer. Rich, perfumed flesh i... 

  • Divergent Melon Organic

    Divergent Melon Organic

    70-80 days. A hands-down favorite in our melon trials for its irresistibly sweet flavor. Light netting gives this melon ... 

  • Alvaro Melon

    Alvaro Melon

    65 days. A French Charentais type of melon, Alvaro packs a delectable, true cantaloupe flavor and was one of the earlies... 

  • Halona Melon

    Halona Melon

    72 days. This eastern style muskmelon caught our eye and excited our palates with its succulent, bright orange flesh and... 

  • Minnesota Midget Melon Conventional & Organic

    Minnesota Midget Melon Conventional & Organic

    65-70 days. This exquisite heirloom produces a bounty of early, and true to its name, mini cantaloupes. Fruit measure 4-... 

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