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All Cucumbers

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  • Patio Snacker Cucumbers

    Patio Snacker Cucumbers

    50-55 days. Whether you are tight for space or just want a terrific container cuke, this one's for you. In our field tri... 

  • Homemade Pickles Cucumbers

    Homemade Pickles Cucumbers

    60 days. The vigorous 5 foot vines exhibit excellent disease resistance, and yield armloads of solid, crisp cucumbers. P... 

  • Double Yield Cucumbers Organic

    Double Yield Cucumbers Organic

    52 days. There couldn't be a more appropriate name for this industrious cucumber. Its productivity is unmatched, and it'... 

  • General Lee Cucumbers

    General Lee Cucumbers

    66 days. In our cucumber trials, General Lee continued to march forth with vigorous, robust, healthy plants, and an army... 

  • Telegraph Improved Cucumbers

    Telegraph Improved Cucumbers

    60 days. Telegraph Improved is one of the most requested open-pollinated greenhouse varieties. Our strain is grown in En... 

  • Lemon Cucumbers Conventional & Organic

    Lemon Cucumbers Conventional & Organic

    70 days. These 3-4 foot, semi-bush type plants bear loads of apple-shaped cucumbers with lemon-colored skins. The flesh ... 

  • Alibi Cucumbers

    Alibi Cucumbers

    50 days. You can expect Alibi to be a very dependable producer. It rated near the top in trials for yield and disease re... 

  • Boothbys Blonde Cucumbers

    Boothbys Blonde Cucumbers

    60-65 days. This small and uniquely attractive cucumber is an heirloom variety from the Boothby family in Livermore, Mai... 

  • Miniature White Cucumbers

    Miniature White Cucumbers

    50-55 days. As sweet and tasty as they are cute, Miniature White is the ultimate in white cukes. Perfect at 3 inches lon... 

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