All Garlic & Shallots

All Garlic & Shallots

All Garlic & Shallots

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  • The Braiding Bunch Garlic Combo

    The Braiding Bunch Garlic Combo

    Here's a story of some lovely garlic... We are big fans of mingling aesthetics with practicality, and storing ... 

  • Great Garlic Combo

    Great Garlic Combo

    We've made your garlic shopping easy with this combination of two of our most popular and tasty varieties. One each, har... 

  • Elephant Garlic Coventional & Organic

    Elephant Garlic Coventional & Organic

    Late season. These huge cloves produce softball-sized heads. The flavor is mild and suitable for many recipes. The truly... 

  • Santé Shallot Bulbs Organic

    Santé Shallot Bulbs Organic

    French type shallots are an essential part of fine cuisine. Every cook should have some in their kitchen. We recommend t... 

  • Dutch Yellow Shallot Bulbs

    Dutch Yellow Shallot Bulbs

    These shallots are a real gourmet treat. They are high yielding and produce bulbs that are 1 1/2-2 inches in diameter wh... 

  • Conservor Shallot Bulbs

    Conservor Shallot Bulbs

    A wonderful, savory shallot that is easy to peel and superbly flavored. Elongated bulbs have coppery red skins with crea... 

  • French Shallot Bulbs Conventional & Organic

    French Shallot Bulbs Conventional & Organic

    Once considered sacred by Persians and Egyptians, today French Shallots are popular with gourmets for the smooth, rich o... 

  • Gray Shallot Bulbs

    Gray Shallot Bulbs

    A. oschaninii If you have any French cookbooks in your library, you know the value that French chefs place on Gra... 

  • Egyptian Walking Onion

    Egyptian Walking Onion

    250 days. These true Egyptian topsetting onions are a smaller relative of the Catawissa onion. The topsets are a distinc... 

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