All Garlic & Shallots

All Garlic & Shallots

All Garlic & Shallots

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  • Onion & Garlic Bags

    Onion & Garlic Bags

    When you're ready to harvest your onions and garlic, there's no better way to store them than in these mesh bags. The ba... 

  • Purple Glazer Garlic

    Purple Glazer Garlic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. You won't believe your eyes when you see the satiny clove wrappers of Purple Glazer. A v... 

  • Bavarian Purple Garlic

    Bavarian Purple Garlic

    Mid-season, Rocambole type. Folks who regularly include garlic as a part of their diet typically like stronger-flavored ... 

  • Persian Star Garlic

    Persian Star Garlic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. A superior all-around garlic and staff favorite, this variety has a delectable flavor wi... 

  • Georgian Fire Garlic

    Georgian Fire Garlic

    Mid-season, Porcelain type. Taste-testers have dubbed this incredible variety among the most richly flavorful and palate... 

  • Khabar Garlic Organic

    Khabar Garlic Organic

    NEW! Mid-season, Marbled Purple Stripe type. Unanimously winning an in-house taste test, Khabar's flavor has an eye-opening h... 

  • Mount St. Helens Garlic Organic

    Mount St. Helens Garlic Organic

    NEW! Late-season, Silverskin type. Like its majestic volcanic mountain namesake, this Silverskin has a lava hot flavor when r... 

  • Uzbekistan Garlic

    Uzbekistan Garlic

    Mid-season, Turban type. We've traced this variety from Uzbekistan to Washington State, where it was introduced by Germa... 

  • German Red Garlic

    German Red Garlic

    Mid-season, Rocambole type. German Red is a full-bodied, strong and spicy garlic that reliably produces large, satiny wh... 

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