All-America Selections (AAS) Winners

All-America Selections (AAS) Winners

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  • Lambkin Melon

    Lambkin Melon

    65-75 days. An unmistakable melon with mottled, yellow and green skin and crystalline green flesh. Ripening earlier than... 

  • Candle Fire Okra

    Candle Fire Okra

    30 days. A fascinating departure from traditional ribbed okra, Candle Fire pods boast a smooth, round profile and brilli... 

  • Sweet Baby Daikon Radish

    Sweet Baby Daikon Radish

    40-45 days. These little bundles of joy won us over at our AAS trials and the other judges agreed. A pleasure to behold,... 

  • Bopak Pac Choi

    Bopak Pac Choi

    40 days. The first of its kind in many ways, Bopak produces picture-perfect heads of baby pac choi. Allowed to grow, it ... 

  • Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    55 days. An early and easy-to-grow snap pea. The non-climbing, dwarf vines set an abundant harvest of 2 1/2 inch long, m... 

  • Cherry Belle Radish Conventional & Organic

    Cherry Belle Radish Conventional & Organic

    22 days. Selected for top quality and yields, this cherry-red radish with a snow white interior has become the standard ... 

  • Roxanne Radish

    Roxanne Radish

    25 days. This outstanding radish produces impeccably uniform roots with cardinal red skin and immaculate white interiors... 

  • Delizz® Strawberry Seed

    Delizz® Strawberry Seed

    120 days. The very first strawberry variety to earn an All-America Selections award, and no wonder, it's magnificent! Am... 

  • Black Beauty Squash Conventional & Organic

    Black Beauty Squash Conventional & Organic

    C. pepo 60 days. A great improvement over the old Black Zucchini. The 3-4 foot open bushes let you see the fruit before ... 

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