Seed Tape and Disks

Seed Tape and Disks

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  • Arugula Seed Disk

    Arugula Seed Disk

    A cold-tolerant leafy green with a pleasant spicy flavor. 

  • Sweet Basil Seed Disk

    Sweet Basil Seed Disk

    A classic culinary sweet basil, indisputably the best for pesto. 

  • Chives Seed Disk

    Chives Seed Disk

    A high yielding variety with dark green leaves and a sturdy, upright habit. 

  • Pallas Coriander Seed Disk

    Pallas Coriander Seed Disk

    An excellent, uniform, vigorous cilantro with dark green leaves. Slow to bolt. 

  • Laika Parsley Seed Disk

    Laika Parsley Seed Disk

    A smooth, large-leaved, dark green parsley that's high-yielding and quick to grow. 

  • German/Winter Thyme Seed Disk

    German/Winter Thyme Seed Disk

    A time-honored herb for flavoring a multitude of dishes. 

  • Herb Collection Seed Disk

    Herb Collection Seed Disk

    A collection of all six of our herb disks. Arugula: A cold-tolerant leafy green with a pleasant spicy flav... 

  • Herb Pot

    Herb Pot

    Sized just right to pair with our Herb Disks, these attractive pots are also ideal for starting your favorite seeds or g... 

  • Merida Carrot Seed Tape

    Merida Carrot Seed Tape

    240 days. This exciting selection fills a harvest slot all its own. We've spent years looking for an overwintering carro... 

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