Seed Tape and Disks

Seed Tape and Disks

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  • Sugarsnax 54 Carrot Seed Tape

    Sugarsnax 54 Carrot Seed Tape

    68 days. The ideal carrot that is sweet, nutritious and disease resistant. Rich, dark orange color reveals the extra hig... 

  • Sora Radish Seed Tape

    Sora Radish Seed Tape

    26 days. Crisp round roots with bright red skin and white flesh. Ideal for spring, summer and fall planting. 

  • Sylvesta Lettuce Seed Tape

    Sylvesta Lettuce Seed Tape

    50 days. A luscious butterhead with medium green leaves and heavy heads. Resists bolting. 

  • Mokum Carrot Seed Tape

    Mokum Carrot Seed Tape

    NEW! 56 days. One of the finest fresh-eating carrots we know of that is very rich in vitamin A and high in sugars. 

  • Superior 1 Lettuce Seed Tape

    Superior 1 Lettuce Seed Tape

    NEW! 60 days. This crisphead is an excellent choice for spring planting and will provide sweet, crunchy salads in the heat of... 

  • Copra Onion Seed Tape

    Copra Onion Seed Tape

    NEW! 104 days. One of the best storage onions available. A long-day type with dark-yellow skin that has a high sugar content ... 

  • White Lisbon Onion Seed Tape

    White Lisbon Onion Seed Tape

    NEW! 60-120 days. A versatile salad onion with long white stems and bright green tops. Sow every 2 weeks from March through a... 

  • Boro Beet Seed Tape

    Boro Beet Seed Tape

    NEW! 51 days. Extremely smooth, dark red beet with delectable roots and sumptuous, thick leaves for versatile, multipurpose u... 

  • Regiment Spinach Seed Tape

    Regiment Spinach Seed Tape

    NEW! 37 days. Produces speedy crops of flavorful, dark green, arrow-head shaped, semi-savoyed leaves. This slow to bolt and d... 

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