Cover Crops

Cover Crops

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  • Small Fava Cover Crop

    Small Fava Cover Crop

    Vicia faba Besides producing edible seed, Small Fava's stalks make excellent silage or green manure. In zones 7 and abov... 

  • Berseem Clover Cover Crop

    Berseem Clover Cover Crop

    Trifolium alexandrinum One of the best nitrogen fixers, making 200-300 pounds per acre available. Extremely productive,... 

  • Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop

    Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop

    Trifolium pratense var. sativum An excellent fast-growing cover crop that can be planted almost any time of the year. ... 

  • Austrian Field Peas Cover Crop

    Austrian Field Peas Cover Crop

    Lathyrus hirsutus This cold-hardy overwintering pea is an excellent choice for cooler, poorly drained soils that may not... 

  • Crimson Clover Cover Crop

    Crimson Clover Cover Crop

    Trifolium incarnatum A reliably winter-hardy annual variety that does not multiply with runners (like perennial Red Clo... 

  • Hairy Vetch Cover Crop

    Hairy Vetch Cover Crop

    Vicia villosa Hairy Vetch is one of the most versatile of the legumes, and the most tolerant of acid soils and low winte... 

  • Common Vetch Cover Crop

    Common Vetch Cover Crop

    Vicia angustifolia The most vigorous of the vetches, with excellent green-matter production early in the season. A larg... 

  • New Zealand White Clover Cover Crop

    New Zealand White Clover Cover Crop

    Trifolium repens Growing to only 8 inches, this low perennial clover has a growth habit similar to White Dutch Clover b... 

  • Winter Wheat Cover Crop

    Winter Wheat Cover Crop

    Triticum aestivum This cool-weather grain is quick germinating, cold tolerant, and has an extensive fibrous root system.... 

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