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  • Aprovecho Fava Bean Organic

    Aprovecho Fava Bean Organic

    NEW! 110 days; spring sown. Bigger is better, at least that's the case for these jumbo, Oregon-bred favas. Bursting with flav... 

  • Monte Cristo Bean

    Monte Cristo Bean

    71 days. Thanks to advancements in pole bean breeding, Monte Cristo is a new generation of the ever-popular Blue Lake ty... 

  • Compass Bean Organic

    Compass Bean Organic

    65 days. From any direction, Compass will lead you to a successful green bean crop. Compact bush plants grow impeccably ... 

  • Lady Di Bean Organic

    Lady Di Bean Organic

    84-100 days. This aristocratic runner deserves a place of prominence in either the veggie garden or an ornamental planti... 

  • Cranberry Bean Organic

    Cranberry Bean Organic

    NEW! 75-90 days. Cranberry beans arrived from England around 1825 and have firmly established themselves as the pinnacle of q... 

  • Hugh Mongus Bean

    Hugh Mongus Bean

    NEW! 50 days. We were impressed with the high-powered production of crunchy, sweet, dark green beans that ripened early and t... 

  • Lexi Bean

    Lexi Bean

    NEW! 60 days. Sure to put a smile on your face, these green beans squeeze a lot of flavor into a slim package. At 5 inches lo... 

  • Mascotte Bean

    Mascotte Bean

    NEW! 50 days. An All-America Selection award winner for its super-compact habit and high production of delectable beans. Masc... 

  • St. George Bean

    St. George Bean

    NEW! 75 days. St. George puts on a spectacular show in the garden with gorgeous bi-color blooms followed by huge, delectable ... 

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