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  • Golden Gate Bean

    Golden Gate Bean

    66 days. Usher in the pole bean season with this amazingly productive Romano. Large, flattened, sunny yellow pods are se... 

  • Rattlesnake Bean

    Rattlesnake Bean

    75-80 days. Your cache of Rattlesnake will take you from summer through winter with delicious hearty beans. First as a t... 

  • Cannellini Lingot Bean

    Cannellini Lingot Bean

    85 days. A favorite staple in Italian cuisine, and a key ingredient in minestrone soup, this rich, meaty, white, kidney ... 

  • Tiger's Eye Bean

    Tiger's Eye Bean

    80-90 days. Handsome, ocher-colored beans have a maroon swirl for the look of a cat's eye. The buttery-smooth texture an... 

  • Missouri Bill Organic

    Missouri Bill Organic

    90 days. Missouri Bill came to us from the San Juan Islands off the Washington coast. Beautiful, cream colored seeds wit... 

  • Provider Bean Conventional & Organic

    Provider Bean Conventional & Organic

    55 days. An early and productive green bean that's not picky about its growing environment. Provider offers heavy yields... 

  • Bountiful Bean Organic

    Bountiful Bean Organic

    50-55 days. Aptly named, this early bush variety bears a generous crop of broad, nearly round, thick, stringless, 6-7 in... 

  • Cupidon Bean Organic

    Cupidon Bean Organic

    55 days. This beloved French/filet variety matures early on compact, 18–22 inch plants, which continue to bear loa... 

  • Aprovecho Fava Organic

    Aprovecho Fava Organic

    NEW! 110 days; spring sown. Bigger is better, at least that's the case for these jumbo, Oregon-bred favas. Bursting with flav... 

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