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  • Sayamusume Bean

    Sayamusume Bean

    85 days. This variety is a consistent high yielder in Washington State University trials. It grows to 2 feet and the 3-3... 

  • Crockett Bean

    Crockett Bean

    NEW! 58-60 days. Among scores of bean varieties in our trials, Crockett stood out with its exceptionally robust plants, inten... 

  • Dolico Bean

    Dolico Bean

    NEW! 82 days. We're turning the bean world upside down with this unusual curiosity. An Italian black-eye pea, Dolico holds 10... 

  • Flambo Bean Conventional & Organic

    Flambo Bean Conventional & Organic

    75 days. Flambo is a truly flamboyant bean! Strikingly brilliant, bush-type plants produce purple tinged flowers followe... 

  • Denver Bean

    Denver Bean

    66 days. One of the finest French/filet beans we've found. Upright, 17-18 inch bushes produce accessible pods on the upp... 

  • Velour Bean

    Velour Bean

    55 days. Standing out above all other French/filet type beans, Velour's royal, deep purple color and equally rich, satis... 

  • Helda Bean Conventional & Organic

    Helda Bean Conventional & Organic

    60 days. The perfect Romano bean for fresh-from-the-garden harvesting over the long season. This flavorful pole bean yie... 

  • Early Hakucho Bean

    Early Hakucho Bean

    75 days. Edamame soybeans are one of our favorite delicacies here at Territorial. We're excited to offer Early Hakuc... 

  • Midori Giant Bean Organic

    Midori Giant Bean Organic

    70 days. Extra-early maturing, these delicious edamame are especially suited for shorter season gardens. We found that m... 

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