LAST MINUTE! Veggie, Herb and flower plants still available!

LAST MINUTE! Veggie, Herb and flower plants still available!

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  • Plant-Mojito Mint

    Plant-Mojito Mint

    Mentha x villosa The search is over for the ideal mint to flavor the popular cocktail for which it's named. Genuinely C... 

  • Plant-Oregano Greek

    Plant-Oregano Greek

    Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum We are pleased to bring you this true oregano collected from the mountains of Greece. You... 

  • Plant-Oregano Italian

    Plant-Oregano Italian

    Origanum onites Italian oregano is wonderfully pungent and has flavor overtones of its cousin, Sweet Marjoram. Availa... 

  • Plant-Sage Grower's Friend

    Plant-Sage Grower's Friend

    Salvia officinalis If you're looking for an outstanding culinary sage, then Grower's Friend is for you. Unlike other sag... 

  • Plant-Sage Purple

    Plant-Sage Purple

    Salvia officinalis purpurea A striking complement to green sage, this sturdy, semi-evergreen variety will reach 15-24 i... 

  • Plant-Thyme English

    Plant-Thyme English

    Thymus vulgaris No herb garden is complete without English thyme. This upright shrub with grey-green foliage is usually ... 

  • Plant-Thyme Golden Lemon

    Plant-Thyme Golden Lemon

    Thymus citriodorus 'Aureus' Sunny, bright, green and yellow foliage perfectly mirrors the fresh citrusy flavor of this ... 

  • Plant-Thyme Orange Balsam

    Plant-Thyme Orange Balsam

    Thymus citriodorus Imagine tasting and smelling the subtle blend of thyme and the alluring scent of orange. This top-not... 

  • Plant-Heliotrope Marine

    Plant-Heliotrope Marine

    Heliotropium arborescens An heirloom from the Victorian era, Marine is well known for its heavenly vanilla scent. It is ... 

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